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Human Centric Lighting


An exciting new approach to lighting systems, Human Centric Lighting utlitises the latest scientific research to dramtically improve how we experience indoor spaces. In partnership with leading Human Centric Lighting specialists, our flagship Smart Sovereign systems put people first, enhancing their environment by providing dynamic and responsive lighting.


HCL solutions use tuneable white luminaires and advanced light management systems that adjust the colour temperature and light intensity according to peoples’ biological, physiological and psychological needs. The effects are adjusted daily rhythms and increased alertness. These solutions require careful control of the light source’s colour spectrum, intensity, exposure time and duration.

Enhanced Productivity

Designed for office spaces and educational environments, Smart Sovereign can significantly improve the concentration and productivity of its users thanks to its focus on melanotic-effective lighting. While bright blue-rich light to suppress melatonin is a particular focus, generally used at the beginning of working periods to break down remnants of the users’ sleep cycle and ‘switch on’ their day cycle, periods of warmer light are used at appropriate times throughout the day for a calming environment in moments when rest is necessary.

Health & Wellbeing

When we are at our most vulnerable, our main source of light tends to be almost exclusively artificial. Extended periods of time in hospitals and institutional care keeps patients away from natural lighting, while our health and recovery is dependant on a stable circadian cycle. With Smart Sovereign, we can mimic the natural daylight cycle in hospitals and care facilities to really help with patient wellbeing and response to treatment. A particular focus here is inducing the natural cycle of melatonin throughout the day and night to allow for effective rest.

Emotional Systems

The recent science and research demonstrates how significant lighting can be in directly affecting our moods and emotions. Smart Sovereign can be used in any environment that requires changeable mood settings, greatly impacting the way we experience a space. From retail to museums and galleries, Smart Sovereign allows for systems that can dramatically enhance a room’s atmosphere through selecting the desired light colour and intensity. Systems can be set to alter automatically over periods of time, and manually changed quickly and easily to suit a new look.