Great for the environment, and your pocket.


Save up to 90% in energy bills


Save the cost of a complete replacement

Save luminaires of sentimental value

Save the environment by reducing waste

Conversion vs. Retrofit

A popular method for updating existing luminaires is called ‘retrofitting’, whereby older low voltage technology is switched out for replacement retrofit LED lamps. While the energy savings are noticeable, this is a quick fix method that doesn’t fully utilise the potential of the latest LED technology.

With Commercial Lighting’s LED Conversion service, all necessary components are upgraded to the latest generation, ensuring your products can once again compete with any luminaires on the market. While this service costs a little more, typical conversions pay for themselves within a year thanks to the dramatic energy savings made.


Send us your old fittings for conversion.


While exchanging components for the latest high quality LED technology, we give your products a rigourous inspection to ensure they meet the latest safety standards.


Your luminaires are returned fully updated and refurbished, giving you better quality light for less energy consumption.

Example Products

Meyer Compact Superlight

M8862 / M8868

A testament to the incredibly high build quality of their products, Meyer’s precision-made luminaires last a lifetime, giving clients total piece of mind when specifying Meyer for their lighting schemes

Even more attractive is Commercial Lighting’s Meyer Conversion offer, where we guarantee all Meyer’s products with full upgradeability options. Existing 70W & 150W HID fittings can be converted at around half the cost of a new fitting.


70W equivalent (M8862 range)

Col. Temp Wattage Lumen Output Lumen Efficacy
3000K 19.3W 2560lm 133lm/W
4000K 19.3W 2670lm 139lm/W

150W equivalent (M8862 range)

Col. Temp Wattage Lumen Output Lumen Efficacy
3000K 23W 3050lm 134lm/W
4000K 23W 3180lm 139lm/W

Sovereign Electronic Projectors

S18310 / S18311 / S18312 / S18313

Our Electronic Projectors, one of the mainstays of the Sovereign range, have been steadily updated since they were first launched as low voltage luminaires, thanks to the remarkable developments in LED technology. 

As such, we recommend clients with previous generation low voltage Sovereign Projectors to take advantage of our LED Conversion service, bringing their products back to maximum system efficiency and lighting quality.


Col. Temp Wattage Lumen Output Lumen Efficacy
3000K 9.8W 1220lm 125lm/W
4000K 9.8W 1270lm 130lm/W
3000K 14.1W 1640lm 116lm/W
4000k 14.1W 1710lm 121lm/W
3000K 19W 1980lm 104lm/W
4000K 19W 2061lm 108lm/W

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