Taking the lead
in protecting the planet.
That’s our goal.




From our foundation in 1991, environmental responsibility has been a core part of Commercial Lighting’s approach to business. We recognised artificial lighting accounted for a large proportion of overall energy usage, so we set out to play our part in reducing its impact while improving light quality.


Commercial Lighting continually strives to implement new solutions to ensure ethical business practice, and incentivise others in the industry towards positive change.

Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to energy efficient lighting means continuous and regular updates to the latest technology.

Each advancement reduces energy consumption while improving light quality.

Local over Global

We are proud to be part of the Made in Britain campaign, with our signature range Sovereign being designed and manufactured in our Southampton headquarters.  

This not only ensures quality, but keeps production local and transportation minimal.

Refurbish, not Replace

Where possible, we offer a refurbishment service before suggesting new products. Not only reducing unnecessary waste, but saves you money over buying new.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

From electric vehicles to recycled and biodegradeable packaging, our business practice is built around minimizing environmental impact. 

Renewable Energy

Our buildings are fitted with solar thermal and solar PV systems, supplying electricity for our production facilities and charging our electric vehicles.

Supporting Local Wildlife

We are proud supporters of local wildlife charities and trusts, protecting and improving local habitats and raising awareness of human impact on the natural world.