Our Values

Our Commitment to ethical business

As a company, we at Commercial Lighting believe we have a responsibility to care for our environment and are constantly seeking ways to have a positive effect in the local area. Long before the term “Global Warming” became a regular topic of conversation, we recognised that artificial lighting of commercial properties accounted for a large proportion of overall energy usage, so we set out to play our part in reducing what we felt was an unnecessary waste of resources.

In recognition of Commercial Lighting’s prominent position in the UK market, the Company has recently been appointed as sole UK distributor for Lighting Services Inc, a well respected USA manufacturer of high quality display lighting products aimed at museum and other demanding display applications. 

Today, Commercial Lighting is proud to be able to offer the following lighting ranges to clients: MEYER, ARES, LSI, DGA, SIDE, SKOFF and Commercial Lighting’s own SOVEREIGN range.

The Products

Our product range has always been designed around the latest energy efficient light sources, whether those manufactured by ourselves or products for which we act as distributor for a small number of European manufacturers. Particular attention is paid to the quality and type of materials used to ensure longevity of each of our products, and refurbishment of our older products is encouraged and regularly undertaken to extend their useful life.


We have always operated a policy to source as locally as possible and currently support several sub-contract metalwork & engineering companies within 50 miles of our factory. Even today, the majority of the parts used in all our products have only covered a few hundred miles prior to leaving our factory as a finished product. When it comes to delivering products to our customers, our research suggested that using the existing national carrier network would be the most efficient use of resources, backed up by our own van for local deliveries and collection of components.

Renewable Energy

The layout and location of our buildings is ideally suited to make the most of renewable energy sources. We have our own Solar Thermal System mounted on the South facing roof elevation, which supplies heated water for the aqueous degreasing system used in our powder coating paint plant, and also provides assistance to our central heating and hot water system thus further reducing emissions. 

We have recently completed the second phase of our Solar PV System to provide renewable energy to our production facility and offices. The system also provides renewable energy to assist in the recharging of our fully liveried Electric Car, which is used to promote the energy efficiency story to local businesses. 

Other renewable energy options are continually assessed with Rainwater Harvesting likely to be added in the future to provide the water for our degreasing plant, flushing of toilets etc, thus helping to preserve valuable fresh drinking water supplies.  


Commercial Lighting was one of the first lighting manufacturers to register with Lumicom in order to comply fully with the requirements of the WEEE Directive, designed to control the recycling of electrical products at end of life. We are also one of a handful of companies including a surcharge for our obligations under this directive, as we feel it is our responsibility to ensure the correct handling of our products once they have served their purpose.

As with most companies, a large amount of paper is generated in the normal course of our business, much of which soon becomes “waste”. We have for some time recycled the majority of our waste paper, by using the reverse side of documents for internal communications before finally shredding redundant documents and re-using as packaging material. Even the envelopes from our daily post are shredded and re-used in this way. Whilst we re-use cardboard boxes wherever possible, many are not suitable for re-use so we have installed a heavy duty cardboard shredding machine which recycles them into usable packaging material.

Staff are encouraged to recycle all plastic bottles, newspapers etc and recycling points are provided in convenient locations throughout our buildings.

Local Environment

We are corporate members of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, A local conservation charity, working to protect local wildlife and inspire people to love nature. We take our corporate responsibilities seriously and work hard to ensure the operation of our business has minimal detrimental affect on the environment and wildlife we share it with.

We are long term supporters of Fareham in Bloom which provides funds to carry out extensive planting of shrubs and other flowering plants to improve the local environment for both residents and wildlife. In an area undergoing considerable development we believe schemes such as this are vital for sustainability. 

Supporting cultural events

Aside from the environment, we also take a philanthropic approach to local community and cultural events. For over 20 years we have been ongoing sponsors of an annual piano concert currently held in Gosport, given by the pupils of local piano teacher Joanna Cutting, from which all proceeds are given to Cancer Research UK. We are also proud patrons of Almost Credible Music, a prominent experimental music group based in Manchester that performs innovative and ambitous programs around the UK and Europe, often involving light. 2016 sees ACM in residency at Commercial Lighting, culminating in a performance using only materials found in our factory.