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We at Commercial Lighting have been proudly offering ARES lighting products to the UK market for many years. Built to a very high standard by our Italian partners, this comprehensive Outdoor Lighting range continues to be a popular choice for our clients, and one which we thoroughly recommend in our own specifications.

About Ares

Established in 1994 in Brianza, Italy, Ares has been committed from the outset to reflecting the constant evolution of the outdoor lighting sector, offering innovative, high quality and sophisticated lighting products, manufactured with noble materials including aluminium, stainless steel and glass. Each creation is a challenge: understanding, analyzing and projecting to reach harmony and fusion of structure, light, architecture and setting. Ares soon recognized the potential of LED light sources, with a view to offering fixtures featuring high efficiency, reduced energy consumption and with a constant focus on environmental protection.

Today the Ares production facility covers an area of over 12,000 sqm, including the research and development department, testing laboratories and a painting and coating system based on advanced technology. In 2010, the Aresled division was created, comprising an automatic assembly line for circuit boards and a production department for wiring and assembly. The constant desire to grow has made Ares a benchmark company in the sector, exporting its products worldwide and addressing a broad target of consumers who are increasingly aware of the numerous benefits linked to comfortable, safe and efficient lighting

Euroluce 2015

Full Ares 2017 range

You can view the ARES 2017 Catalogue below, or download the full catalogue or specific pages here.