Adam and Eve



Project name: Adam and Eve Pendant
Location: London
Lighting Designer: Graham Festenstein

Project Summary

Commercial Lighting are one of the leading specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke pendant luminaires, with particular expertise in the latest LED technology, so we were the first choice for lighting designer Graham Festenstein, when he was looking for someone to bring his conceptual design to reality.

The pendant needed to create a focal point through a 6-floor stairwell whilst providing sufficient lighting levels without excessive energy costs. The resulting suspended luminaire consists of 24 opal glass spheres, each containing a linear LED module laid out in a spiral formation on a machined aluminium central spine. The “clear” suspension wires double as a power source, passing through each globe to the next in the line with the entire pendant supported from a custom stainless steel mounting bracket.

Total pendant drop was around 10mts with less than 60W system power.

Products Used

Bespoke Design