RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery

Dundee, Scotland

Project name: RRS Discovery
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Lighting Designer: Commercial Lighting Systems
Photography: Eric Lynn

Project Brief

Having been involved with Discovery Point Heritage Centre for a number of years, Commercial Lighting were approached to find a solution to illuminate RRS Discovery which is now the centre piece of the heritage centre in Dundee. It was imperative that any new lighting had to complement the ships long history.



After the initial design concept, mock ups and discussions with the heritage management, it was decided that the new lighting proposal had to give a warm illumination and also incorporate RGB colour change for ongoing year-long  events. 

Commercial Lighting developed a compact Stainless Steel LED IP68 RGBW Projector, which allows protection against the  harsh environment and local tides which can sometimes bring sea  water into contact with the  luminaires. Due to the exceptionally harsh environment, a decision was taken to have the DMX Drivers located in remote weatherproof enclosures to allow for ease of maintenance should any future issues arise. The lighting fixture positions were carefully placed so as not to affect visitors or circulation around the ship and to give maximum dramatic impact on the ships rigging. Fixtures were also placed adjacent to the ship mooring to give an even lighting distribution to the hull and feature points. After focusing and setting up the DMX control, RRS Discovery now looks stunning for its retirement.

Products Used

Bespoke Design