St Mary’s Church



Project name: St Mary’s Church
Location: Stonehaven
Lighting Designer: Commercial Lighting

Project Summary

Just one of many churches that have recently benefited from the Commercial Lighting touch, with a number of large pendant luminaires being produced to the clients requirement. Each pendant incorporates an array of both 36W and 55W TC-L compact fluorescent lamps to provide both direct illumination through the polycarbonate bowl as well as indirect illumination to the ceiling of the church. Metal parts, including the chains, were finished in a special metallic bronze finish of the clients choice, and special large eyebolts were supplied for attaching to the wooden beams.

This project gave Commercial Lighting the opportunity to demonstrate not only their design and manufacturing expertise, but also their total commitment to customer satisfaction. When distributor Trilight reported that the client was disappointed with the style of the outer support ring, without further debate, all fittings were returned and reworked at no cost to the client, and the final result met with the full approval of all concerned.