St Peter’s Church

St Peter's Church


Project name: St Peter’s Church
Location: Curdridge
Lighting Designer: Commercial Lighting

Project Brief

To dramatically increase the lighting level of the building, as well as implement a dimming system without the necessity for rewiring. Important was a lighting system that would be appropriate for the many diverse functions of the church; from the usual Sunday worship, weddings and christenings all the way through to live music concerts with popular music tribute acts.

Project Solution

Custom 6500lm  Sovereign SLM Projectors, with remote DALI drivers controlled via a Bluetooth module, provide the main church lighting. This system is controlled wirelessly through a Bluetooth switch system, programmed on site to allow for simple and clear operation for anybody in the church. As well as four pre-set scenes via the wireless interface, each fitting can also be controlled independently using an app, giving complete wireless flexibility to the lighting system.

Our Sovereign Slimline Surface linear system provides uplighting in the main body of the church, installed across the beams to illuminate the decorative wooden ceiling that had previously been unlit.

More custom Sovereign SLM Projectors are installed in the Chancel and the tower entrance to provide additional up and downlighting.

The lighting levels in the church have gone from around 50 lux to an average of 350 lux when all the lighting is at full power. This improved light comes at a huge energy saving, requiring only 1/3 of the original system output.


Products Used

SLM Projector

Slimline Surface Linear System