Gimbal Downlight Conversion

Gimbal downlight conversion

Project name: Gimbal Downlight Conversion
Client: Begg Shoes
Lighting Design: Commercial Lighting

Project Summary

Commercial Lighting was approached by the independent retailer Begg Shoes after their existing LED adjustable Gimbal Downlights had started prematurely failing. Rather than replacing with our own Sovereign Adjustable Gimbal Downlights, we offered instead to repair and upgrade the existing fixtures, not only providing a cheaper alternative for the client but eliminating unnecessary waste.

Using our spectrometer we were able to precisely identify the CCT of the original LED chip so as to provide an identical replacement. We then provided our comprehensive LED Conversion service, dismantling and refurbishing the existing units, replacing the failed LED Chips as well as installing all new drivers. Not only this, we were also able to significantly reduce the system output from 30W to 18.42W with improved efficiency – providing comparable light output for much less energy usage.

The end result being essentially new luminaires matching the quality and reliability of our British made Sovereign range,  fully guaranteed with our Sovereign 5 year Warranty.


Products Used