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While we always recommend housing our LED tape in one of our Sovereign profile systems, we do also offer any of our LED tape separately. Below is a list of our most popular CCT, RGB and fixed LED tapes, with many more available on request.

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Build Your Linear System

To ensure each system is built and installed to our exacting standards, Commercial Lighting does all the hard work for you. Not only do we design and assemble each individual linear system in our factory, we make sure the most appropriate profile, light source and drivers are chosen for your project.

Below is a selection of our most popular light source options for this profile. Our experienced Sales team are happy to help you choose the best selection for your lighting solution.


Variable Options
S18350A19.2W/mtrCCT (2500-7000K)24V DC120 LEDs10mmDOWNLOAD →
S18353A19.2W/mtrRGB + Amber24V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18353P19.2W/mtrRGB + 6000K24V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18353N19.2W/mtrRGB + 4000K24V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD 
S18353W19.2W/mtrRGB + 2500K24V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1835314.4W/mtrRGB12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
Fixed White Options
S988959.6W/mtr2700K840lm/mtr24V DC120 LEDs8mmDOWNLOAD →
S988969.6W/mtr3000K840lm/mtr24V DC120 LEDs8mmDOWNLOAD →
S988979.6W/mtr4000K840lm/mtr24V DC120 LEDs8mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350UL4.8W/mtr3000-3500K360lm/mtr12V DC60 LEDs8mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350L7.2W/mtr3000-3500K540lm/mtr12V DC30 LEDs10mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350W14.4W/mtr2700K1000lm/mtr12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1835014.4W/mtr2800-3200K1050lm/mtr12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350N14.4W/mtr4000-4500K1100lm/mtr12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1835114.4W/mtr5500-6500K1150lm/mtr12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1835214.4W/mtr6500-7500K1200lm/mtr12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350X22W/mtr2900-3100K2300lm/mtr24V DC126 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350NX22W/mtr4000-4500K2400lm/mtr24V DC126 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18352X22W/mtr6000-7000K2500lm/mtr24V DC126 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350D19.2W/mtr3000K1200lm/mtr24V DC120 LEDs16mmDOWNLOAD →
S18350DH28.8W/mtr3000K2100lm/mtr24V DC120 LEDs20mmDOWNLOAD →
Fixed Colour Options
S1836014.4W/mtrBlue (465-470nm)12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1836114.4W/mtrAmber (590nm)12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1836214.4WmtrRed (620-625nm)12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD →
S1836314.4W/mtrGreen 520-525nm12V DC60 LEDs12mmDOWNLOAD 


We offer a wide range of options for dimming and colour control - from wall-mounted fixtures and hand-held remotes to wireless apps for SMART devices.  Talk to our Sales team to find out the best choices for your linear system.

DMX Wall Control Panel

Catalogue no.:  98095/DMX

Wall Mounted Adjustable Colour Changer

Catalogue no.:  98095/CCTW

Adjustable Colour Controller with Hand Remote

Catalogue no.:  98095/CCTR

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