A range of high quality aluminium 3-circuit “universal” lighting track and accessories designed for use with SOVEREIGN 3-circuit track adaptors. Available as “starter” lengths complete with live & dead ends or may be ordered as “track only” with appropriate accessories (order separately) for longer runs. May be fixed direct to mounting surface or suspended using optional mounting accessories. Full range of connectors available.

Track and accessories available in silver, white or black as standard. May be cut to length as required. 



Cat. No. Description
S193300/1000(*) Track 1000m c/w Live & Dead Ends
S19330/2000 (*) Track 2000mm c/w Live & Dead Ends
S19330/3000 (*) Track 3000mm c/w Live & Dead Ends
S19331/1000 (*) Track 1000mm WITHOUT Live & Dead Ends
S19331/2000 (*) Track 2000mm WITHOUT Live & Dead Ends
S19331/3000 (*) Track 3000mm WITHOUT Live & Dead Ends
S19331/*** (*) Track cut to length WITHOUT Live & Dead Ends
S19332 (*) Dead End
S19333 (*) “T” Connector
S19334 (*) “X” Connector
S19335 (*) Suspension Rod
S19336 Wire Suspension
S19337 (*) Straight Coupler
S19338 (*) Live End White
S19339 (*) “L” Connector
S19340 (*) Flexible Connector

*add /W, /B or /S for white, black or silver respectively. For example, S19330/1000/W for White 1000mm Track. 



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